Who I am 

Date of birth :                    August 07, 2008 in Libramont (Belgium)

Main residence :                 Moramanga, Madagascar

Dual nationality :               Belgium and Madagascar

Studies :                            Internet and private lessons

Interest :                           Travelling, discovering the world, photography,                                                                 drawing, nature and biodiversity, karting, SUV and

                                         high-end cars

Tennis debut :                    2014 (6 years old)

Academy :                         Justine Henin Academy, Limelette (Belgium)

Height & weight :              183 cm, 69 kg

Key words :                           

          • Push back my limits and make progress
          • Never give up 
          • Accept life as it comes, step by step 
          • Be able to cope with events                 
          • Keep self-control in any circumstance 
          • Respect everyone and fear no one  


My sacrifices and hard work

Private :                     

          • TENNIS training during daily lunch breaks along the school year 2018 
          • Travelling by bush-cab and residence 4 days a week away from family home for tennis training in the maintown (2019)
          • Away from home for several thousands kilometers, 11 months  a year, to train in Europe (2022 up today)  
          • Obligation to adopt healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and sleep management (2023)

Studies :

        • Mainly online

Family, friends :

        • Prolonged absence, long-distance contact, upheaval in living conditions

My expectations


Tennis & Private :                     

          • Cooperate with partners to develop my passions or discover

                                      new ones

          • Participate in creative or development projects in fields of sport facilities 
          • And anything else that is close to my passions
          • Find partners who are interested in my profile and willing to support me in my progress


    My goals

    Tennis :                     

          • Improve my sporting skills, improve experience and            maturity with the aim of reaching
            • 2024 :  Top 600 ITF        
            • 2025 :  Top 200 ITF            
            • 2026 :  Top 30   ITF                
            • 2027 :  Join the pro tour

    Specialization :       

          • Be fluent in more than 5 different languages
          • Geography, wildflife management, photography

    Private :                     

          • Deepen and broaden my interests and passions 
          • Widen my circle of acquaintances
          • Promoting sport, respect for nature and specialized jobs capable of producing superior, sustainable quality  


    My results

    Tennis :                     

          • Madagascar U12 national team debut (2019)                            
          • Debut in CAT Tennis tour (2019)
          • Madagascar U12 champion (2019)
          • Madagascar U14 n°1 (2020, 2021) 
          • Victories in U16 et adult tours, Madagascar (2021)         
          • Training and competing in Europe U14, U16, U18 et adults

                                      tours (2022)                   

          • Winner of Ten Pro 2022 challenges (categories 2007 & 2008)                                    
          • Victories in Tennis Europe U14 singles andt doubles (2022) 
          • Debut in ITF juniors tour (november 2022)   
          • Debut in M1 & M2 adults tours, Belgium (2023) 
          • Victories in M2 adults tour, Belgium (2023)              
          • Progress of 1 up to 2 ranks per year in national ranking           


    Studies :                  Online, CNED and private lessons

    Specialization :        Foreign languages, 3 fluently spoken languages + 4 being


                                   Introduction to muscle anatomy

    Passions :                 Travelling, discovering the world, nature and biodiversity,

                                   photography, drawing, karting, SUV and high-end cars

    Satisfactions :          Stronger patience and maturity, ability to fend for oneself, to                                           travel alone, to communicate with strangers and unfamiliar                                             people, to establish new relationships and acquaintances


    My offer

    Tennis :                 Represent my partners with dignity and share with them my 

                                victories, my behaviour, my availability for various events  

    Private :                Through tennis, build solid relationships with my partners by

                                 sharing with them my knowledge, interests and creativity


    What if we go part of the way together ?

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