We've been associated with forests and wood for over 100 years, and are fervent defenders of Nature and the Environment. For us, open air life and sport, synonymous with well-being, fitness, physical activity, mental strength and character, are key words for those who want to progress in their professional environment.


Our business - forest management, expertises, quality inspections, training - is based on reactivity, but also on proactivity.

This kind of anticipation of events requires us to devote time to a visionary activity without ever losing sight of our priorities.


Close to nature, and more particularly to forests and rural environments, we have developed a form of communication and communion with these elements that provides us with the energy and mental resources we need to return to calm and reflection.


Contact us if you too would like to benefit from what we commonly call sylvotherapy.

Improve your physical and mental well-being with the forest  

I love walking and jogging in forests or wide wild natural spaces, where quiet strength of the trees, whisper of the wind, pure air and absence of noise give me enormous calm, concentration and energy.

Founded in 2016 and consequently very young in the world of tennis, the Bidi Badu brand, fundamentally different in its identity, has made a stunning entry into the field of tennis apparel to the point of becoming a major player.


Inspired by a lifestyle that's a little crazy but always sincere, its name means magic, which it brings on and off the court.


The brand has put this difference at the heart of its visual identity and values, assimilating this positive aura to transform it into a textile perfectly suited to a lifestyle where magic reigns.


Never typical, always wanting a little more of everything, BIDI BADU escapes the norm to embody the new generation of sport and lifestyle. Because that's the new difference.


Being BIDI-BADU can't be described, it has to be lived, because your lifestyle deserves a name.


Although a relatively young name in the sports industry, Bidi Badu is one of the most advanced and reliable manufacturers.


The brand, which already has a large and steadily growing army of fans, offers a wide variety of products capable of satisfying everyone's needs.


In order to meet the most stringent requirements of tennis players of different types and styles, as well as to guarantee every tennis fan a wonderful pastime on the tennis court, we have hand-picked the best products available on the market.


All these products, not only authentic, reliable and solid, made to serve more than one season, are available in a wide range of colors and designs.


By choosing to wear these highly functional and elegant garments, you're sure not to go unnoticed.


Bidi Badu's high-design tennis apparel will reflect your inner world, your individuality and your sense of style.

I am fun loving

I am Bidi Badu



Pro players love this string, and for several years Luxilon® has been taking care of the stringing service at a number of international tournaments.


As of 2018, Luxilon® has become the official stringer of the European Open, an ATP 250 tournament that is the biggest tennis event on Belgian territory.


Finally, with its 5 lines of strings meeting the needs of all types of players, Luxilon BeLux has been supporting many talented Belgian and Luxembourg players for several years.


But Luxilon®'s ambition goes much further than just manufacturing tennis strings. In 2019, the Antwerp-based company has signed a cooperation agreement with the Association Francophone de Tennis asbl (AFT). It is also committed to organizing stringing services in tennis clubs so that recreational players can test all the Belgian manufacturer's string types.


The pursuit of sustainability by striving to reduce its ecological impact on the world at every stage of production has led Luxilon® to establish itself as the forerunner in the manufacture of sustainable tennis strings from 100% recycled plastic bottles: Luxilon Eco Power and Luxilon Eco Rough were born.

LUXILON® INDUSTRIES s.a. : a Belgian success story founded in 1959


By far the best !


Luxilon® is much more than a string manufacturer. We're proud to be able to successfully accomplish our mission, and to play a pioneering role in both innovation and technology.


Our business model, whose key words are leadership and customer focus, is based on Total Quality Management. To guarantee the highest possible quality of our products, we invest in a motivated team of valuable employees.


Luxilon® was the first synthetic string manufacturer to introduce high-end co-polyester monofilaments to the tennis world. More than 25 years after their introduction, the quality of our strings remains unrivalled.


Recently, Luxilon® was the first manufacturer to introduce a range of 'ECO' strings made from recycled materials.

”The Luxilon® brand of strings opened up a new era in the history of tennis. Suddenly, I could play hard, without making mistakes, for hours and hours... which was directly related to the quality of my string. From 1997 to today, Luxilon® has changed tennis".

                                                                                                               Gustavo Kuerten, may 2017

Playing tennis is my passion, and as I can't bear to play uncomfortably, I'm demanding when it comes to my equipment and materials, which must provide me with comfort and good sensations.

When Luxilon® invited me to become a partner and provided me with a full range of its strings for testing, ALU POWER 125, which I tested first, immediately won me over with its comfort and ease of use.

I'm now stringing in 130, and absolutely nothing has changed.

Luxilon® has radically changed my relationship with string.

                                                                                                                                              Nico Fays  

I play Luxilon®

And you, are you ready to play with products from the strings No. 1 of the pro tour ?



In 2023, the Justine Henin Academy joined the BNP Paribas Fortis Young Talents Team and opened the doors to a

program that provides sporting and extra-sporting support including human and financial support, designed to

optimize the chances of selected young players expected to become ATP and WTA Top players.

BNP Paribas (, present in 68 countries, the European Union's leading bank and a major international banking player, has been supporting tennis for 50 years already, and shares many of the sport's values : fair play, responsiveness and performance.

En 2018, the Group that founded the 'Teams BNP Paribas Young Talents', which supports over 100 young tennis talents in 5 countries, is now opening its doors to young Belgian hopefuls, in collaboration with the Justine Henin Academy ("Team Young Talents BNP Paribas Fortis with Justine Henin Academy") as well as within the two national federations, AFT and Tennis Vlaanderen.

Through this program, BNP Paribas Fortis aims to help young Belgian tennis talents fulfill their dream, their passion, by giving them the opportunity to optimize their chances of reaching the highest level, and to act as a "gas pedal" for young champions who are committed, responsible and open to the world.       


"Our bank wishes to confirm its commitment to tennis through the creation of these BNP Paribas Fortis Young Talents Teams. As Positive Bankers, we are proud when we help people to develop, on a sporting level in the case of this important program whose aim is to prepare young players to meet the many challenges they encounter in competition".  


HEAD - Top performance

HEAD, by far the most successful racquet brand in men's tennis over the decade 2011-2021, with over 50% of the major titles won in the

professional game, and also successful on the women's circuit, has become, in an exceptional first half of 2023, the leading tennis

racquet brand in Europe.

                                               "The racket is the tennis player's most important tool", says HEAD's Executive Vice President for Racquet Sports, "and we present

                                                ourselves as a high-performance brand".

                                               "At HEAD, we try to establish a personal relationship with all our top athletes, so this kind of success is not only professionally

                                                rewarding, but also a source of immense satisfaction for our tennis family and dedicated staff.

                                               "A player's choice of racket depends on personal factors, such as comfort and playing style. "HEAD offers models suited to every level                                                    of play and aimed at specific types of player, as well as women, juniors and so on. Head’s products range is logically positioned as a                                                    reference for anyone looking for a racket. We are a team, our philosophy is to help every player - amateur or professional - to give                                                      the best of himself.”


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